About Pearl Beach Bunglow

Pearl Beach Bungalow Situated on near the beach in Alleppey (Alappuzha) district of Kerala, this house is built amidst very eco-friendly , An enchanting backwater destination, Alleppey offers visitors many other leisure options like Boating and fishing facilities. Holiday packages on the houseboats, traditional Kettuvalloms, are an out-of-this-world experience at Alleppey.

It's unique designs and ancient carvings stands as an epitome of ancient times and there are rooms completely finished in wood which is a unique feature in these modern times.

All the rooms come with exclusive bath rooms and hot water connections. And in most of them you can view the star lit sky even while in shower. Traditional Kerala food is served here with a lot of variety everyday. Some of the traditional dishes like Meen pollichathu, Kerala chicken curry, rost duck, aviyal, payasam, puttu-kadala, appam stew, Egg roast etc are well appreciated with all those who have visited us.

Five minutes from the coastal town of Alleppey, can transport you into a whole new world cris-crossed by narrow canals and winding water ways.on it's lower waterfront at Nedumudy. This heritage home, with its rich traditional architecture imbued with timeless charm was raised over a hundred and fifty years ago.